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Business Hours:
Tues. & Thurs.
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wed. & Fri.10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Passion Hair Salon will exceed your expectations regardless of your design artist. Our pricing structure varies depending on experience and skill certification. We have International Design Artists on staff who are near-genius in the formulation and application of hair coloring. Several of our design artists perform the f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment and the Keratin Coppola Smoothing Complex.

Salon Services

Hair Services

  • Ladies Cut and Style
  • Shampoo and Style
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Up-do's
  • Men's Cut and Style
  • Kid's Cut and Style (12 and under)
  • f450 amino fusion smoothing
  • Keratin Coppola Smoothing Complex
  • Keratin Express Blowout
  • $40.00 and up
  • $30.00 and up
  • $20.00 and up
  • $40.00 and up
  • $30.00 and up
  • $10.00 and up
  • $250.00 & up

  • $250.00 & up
  • $150.00 & up


Chemical Services

  • Base color
  • Refresh color
  • Hi-lites (foils)
  • Bleach and Tone
  • Perms
  • Spiral or Weave Perms
  • Straightener or Relaxers
  • 55.00 and up
  • $15.00 and up
  • $65.00 and up
  • $75.00 and up
  • $60.00 and up
  • $90.00 and up
  • $60.00 and up


Hair Removal Services *Facial Waxing Only

  • Brows
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Face
  • $15.00 and Up
  • $5.00 and Up
  • $10.00 and Up
  • $15.00 and Up

Cosmetics - Motives Makeup Line Services and Pricing

motives make up loren ridinger

  • Makeup Application
  • Full Motives makeup line available to purchase at salon
  • $20.00 and Up


Cosmetics - Motives Makeup Line 


Extensions/Clip-In Prices vary depending on service

  • Rachel Welch Hair Additions and Clip- In Extensions
  • Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves Clip-In Extensions
  • Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Clip-In Extensions
  • Pin-Up Pieces
  • Clip-In Ponys

Hair Extensions  It’s much faster and more beautiful with real hair extensions from Cinderella Hair. Our hair extensions blend in perfectly with your own natural hair and are virtually undetectable. Hair extensions can give anyone longer hair length and more volume in just a few hours so that practically any desired styling is possible. The attachment points are almost “invisible” and the hair can be comfortably worn day to day without any problems...whether in the pool, sauna, or in any sports activities. Attaching hair extensions is through a gentle physical technique and is not damaging for your own natural hair. The only requirement: at least approximately 4-6” existing hair length.
*Cinderella Hair guarantees hair satisfaction of faultless hair quality during the entire wear period-compared to other hair extension companies.

*Prices subject to change without notice*

We are no longer offering permanent cosmetics.